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November 12th, 2013

Last Semester

It was the second day of class and there were no teachers around. Again.

I suppose this is the part where you tell me to celebrate and shout for joy. Yeah, well. Sorry. I’m actually quite disappointed. It’s not that I enjoy class. Sometimes, I do. If I happen to like the professor or the subject. But most of the pain, I do admit that it is a huge pain in the *ss. What with the dozens of requirements and long hours of lecture. I, however, really hate to waste my time sitting in a chair waiting for someone who, apparently, is not actually coming. Patience is not my strongest virtue and time-wasters are a real nemesis of mine. So yeah, I was pretty frustrated when I had to head home because no one was coming.

Aside from that, I was really uncomfortable with my new classmates. Yeah, I am familiar with all of them but most are acquaintances while others I know by name or reputation only. The few friends that I have I could count in a single hand, and none of them are really close to me. My circle of friends are scattered among the other sections while I’m left alone. It’s depressing when I think about spending my last five months in the university with these people. Most of the members of the group are quite serious with their studies. A lot of them managed to snag a spot in the Dean’s List while a number are scholars. When I think about it, I realized that our class had most of the superior brains in the batch. It’s not something to be excited about really, as this would mean more struggle for mortals like me to be able to cope their performance in class.

Then, there’s the schedule. I had afternoon class every Monday and Tuesday, Hospital Duty from Thursday to Saturday and I had our hardest subject every Saturday after the duty. Isn’t that grand? After spending 8 hours attending to patients, playing nice to staff nurses and getting busted by clinical instructors, I had to go to class and take mind-boggling examinations. Yeah, well. Yey, me.

There’re ups as well. Primarily, it’s my last semester! Yey! I’m really almost finishing my degree. Just this fact would balance all that is present above. I mean, wow! I’m almost there! It’s high time to give everything I’ve got and more as, obviously, it won’t be easy. I’m pretty confident, though, that, with God’s grace, I’ll finish university and get my degree.

There’s also me heading the preparation for the Senior’s Night, a grand celebration at the end of the year for the graduates. As I’m one to enjoy planning these kinds of activities, I’m really having a good time on choosing event locations, making programs, deciding on decorations, sending invitations and the like. I’m really very excited for the activity. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a big challenge balancing my studies, council duties and event preparation but I’m all up for it. I just hope I’m ready.

With the start of my last semester in college, I hope to challenge myself to become a better me and to achieve greater heights. It’s going to be tough going through the next four to five months and I hope I’m already prepared for the battle. I’ve sweated, cried and was almost to brink of insanity for the past three years and I’m not about to let all my sacrifices and effort go to waste by flopping on my last semester. It’s going to take a lot and I’m prepared to give it all I’ve got.

I just hope that it’s going to be enough.